Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Central Government Officers, Employees & Pensioners Pledge

We, the Central Government Officers, Employees and Pensioners express our strong protest and discontentment against the totally indifferent and negative attitude of the Govt. at the Centre towards the genuine and legitimate demands of Central Government Officers, Employees and Pensioners. 

We strongly condemn the betrayal of Hon’ble Home Minister and Finance Minister who during the negotiation with the staff side categorically assured increase in Minimum pay and also increase in fitment formula of the Central Govt. officers, employees and Pensioners.

It is shameful that the Cabinet Ministers failed to honour their assurance even after twelve months.

We demand immediate increase in minimum pay and fitment formula.

 Revised allowances including HRA and Transport allowance are still not granted to Central Govt. officers & employees.

 We demand immediate revision of allowances from January 2016.
One and the only favourable recommendation of the 7th CPC Option -1 parity for the past pensioners mercilessly rejected by the Government.

We demand implementation of Option -1 parity for pensioners.

We strongly oppose privatisation of social security and pension. We demand scrapping of contributory pension system. We want defined benefit pension for all.
More than six lakhs posts are lying vacant in Central services. Downsizing and outsourcing has become the order of the day. We demand stop outsourcing and privatization. We demand settlement of charter of demands. 

We demand immediate revision of wages of three lakhs Gramin  Dak Sevak employees  and grant of civil servant status to them.
Inspite of historic judgment of the Supreme Court, equal pay for equal work is denied to lakhs of casual and contract workers.
------------------------------------------------------------------------Autonomous body employees and pensioners who are integral part of the Central Government are humiliated by denying their pay revision and pension revision. We demand immediate implementation of their pay and pension revision.
We, the central Govt. officers, employees and pensioners jointly with other sections of the working class, resolve with firm determination. We shall continue our uncompromising struggle against the anti-labour and anti-people policies pursued by the Govt. at the Centre. We declare that we shall not surrender before aggressive policy offensives of the Govt.  We shall also not surrender our right to collective bargaining and strike under any circumstances.

We pledge that we shall not rest till the retrograde neo-liberal policy offensives of the Central Government are defeated. 

We shall fight and fight and fight till our legitimate demands are achieved.
 Unity for struggle and struggle for unity 

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